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Journal publications

1. Possibilities of reflected caustics due to an improved optical arrangement: Some further aspects APPL OPTICS 23 (20) 3667−3675, 1984 (Theocaris PS, Philippidis TP)

2. Theoretical evaluation of the extent of mesophase in particulate and fibrous composites J REINF PLAST COMP 4 (2) 173−185, 1985 (Theocaris PS, Philippidis TP)

3. Plastic stress intensity factors in out−of−plane shear by reflected caustics ENG FRACT MECH 27 (3) 299−314, 1987 (Theocaris PS, Philippidis TP)

4. Influence of the mesophases on the mechanical properties of three−phase composites J MATER SCI 22 (9) 3407−3416, 1987 (Theocaris PS, Philippidis TP)

5. The T−criterion for ductile fractures in HRR plastic singular fields INT J FRACTURE 35 (1) 21−37, 1987 (Theocaris PS, Philippidis TP)

6. The paraboloidal failure surface of initially anisotropic elastic solids J REINF PLAST COMP 6 (4) 378−395, 1987 (Theocaris PS, Philippidis TP)

7. The T−criterion for engineering materials based on strength anisotropy ACTA MECH 75 (1−4) 175−190, 1988 (Theocaris PS, Philippidis TP)

8. The exact modes of formation of near−field reflected caustics ENG FRACT MECH 33 (5) 719−732, 1989 (Theocaris PS, Philippidis TP)

9. Extremum properties of the failure function in initially anisotropic elastic solids INT J FRACTURE 41 (1) R9−R13, 1989 (Theocaris PS, Philippidis TP)

10. Stress distribution in orthotropic plates with coupled elastic properties ACTA MECH 80 (1−2) 95−111, 1989 (Theocaris PS, Philippidis TP)

11. Elastic eigenstates of a medium with transverse isotropy ARCH MECH 41 (5) 717−724, 1989 (Theocaris PS, Philippidis TP)

12. Variational bounds on the eigenangle ω of transversely isotropic materials ACTA MECH 85 (1−2) 13−26, 1990 (Theocaris PS, Philippidis TP)

13. On the validity of the tensor polynomial failure theory with stress interaction terms omitted COMPOS SCI TECHNOL 40 (2) 181−191, 1991 (Theocaris PS, Philippidis TP)

14. Spectral decomposition of compliance and stiffness fourth−rank tensors suitable for orthotropic materials Z ANGEW MATH MECH 71 (3) 161−171, 1991 (Theocaris PS, Philippidis TP)

15. Mixed−mode fracture mechanics of anisotropic plates by means of the T−criterion INT J FRACTURE 52 (3) 223−237, 1991 (Theocaris PS, Philippidis TP)

16. True bounds on Poisson's ratios for transversely isotropic solids J STRAIN ANAL ENG 27 (1) 43−44, 1992 (Theocaris PS, Philippidis TP)

17. Evaluation of transverse Poisson’s ratios in thin orthotropic plates by the optical method of pseudocaustics COMPOS SCI TECH 43 (4) 369−378, 1992 (Theocaris PS, Philippidis TP)

18. Failure by shear of transversely isotropic laminae off−axis loaded according to the EPFS−criterion J REINF PLAST COMP 11 (5) 460−478, 1992 (Theocaris PS, Philippidis TP)

19. Coupling of elastic and failure properties of initially anisotropic solids by means of the Elliptic Paraboloid Failure Surface (EPFS) criterion Z ANGEW MATH MECH 72 (11) 549−557, 1992 (Theocaris PS, Philippidis TP)

20. Dynamic−mechanical analysis of a two−dimensional carbon−carbon composite J MATER SCI 28 (20) 5495−5499, 1993 (Kostopoulos V, Vellios L, Philippidis TP, Paipetis SA, Schoberth A)

21. Advanced composites in emerging technologies Mekhanika Kompozitnykh Materialov 29 (2) 282–283, 1993 (Paipetis SA, Philippidis TP)

22. Failure prediction of fibre reinforced laminates under hygrothermal and mechanical in−plane loads ADV POLYM TECH 12 (3) 271−279, 1993 (Philippidis TP, Theocaris PS)

23. Dynamic mechanical analysis of a two−dimensional carbon−carbon composite JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS 35 (1) 5495−5499, 1993 (Kostopoulos V, Vellios L, Philippidis TP, Paipetis SA, Schoberth A)

24. Delamination prevention in composites by interleaving techniques INT J DAMAGE MECH 2 349−363, 1993 (Philippidis TP, Theocaris PS, Roupakias GS)

25. The transverse Poisson’s ratio in fiber reinforced laminae by means of a hybrid experimental approach J COMPOS MATER 28(3) 252−261, 1994 (Philippidis TP, Theocaris PS)

26. Plane elasticity analysis of a simply supported laminate with anisotropic plies SCI ENGNG COMPOS MATER 3 (1) 39−50, 1994 (Philippidis TP, Andriotaki−Panagiotounakou PD)

27. Clustering methodology for the evaluation of acoustic emission from composites J ACOUS EMIS 13 11−22, 1995 (Anastassopoulos AA, Philippidis TP)

28. THIN/PROBEAM: A software for fatigue design and analysis of composite rotor blades WIND ENGNG 20 (5) 349−362, 1996 (Philippidis TP, Vassilopoulos AP, Katopis KG, Voutsinas SG)

29. Damage characterization of carbon/carbon laminates using neural network techniques on AE signals NDT&E INT 31 (5) 329−340, 1998 (Philippidis TP, Nikolaidis VN, Anastassopoulos AA)

30. A probabilistic approach to failure prediction of FRP laminated composites MECH COMPOS MATER ST 5 (4) 371−382, 1998 (Philippidis TP, Lekou DJ)

31. Probabilistic failure prediction for FRP composites COMPOS SCI TECHNOL 58 (12) 1973−1982, 1998 (Philippidis TP, Lekou DJ)

32. Fatigue of composite laminates under off−axis loading INT J FATIGUE 21 (3) 253−262, 1999 (Philippidis TP, Vassilopoulos AP)

33. A comparative study of pattern recognition algorithms for classification of ultrasonic signals NEURAL COMPUT APPL 8 (1) 53−66, 1999 (Anastassopoulos AA, Nikolaidis VN, Philippidis TP)

34. Unsupervised pattern recognition techniques for failure prediction of composites J. ACOUS EMIS 17 (1−2) 69−81, 1999 (Philippidis TP, Nikolaidis VN, Kolaxis J)

35. Assessment of strain gauge measuring efficiency in performing wind turbine blade load measurements WIND ENER 3 (1) 35−65, 2000 (Papadopoulos K, Morfiadakis E, Philippidis TP, Lekou DJ)

36. Mechanical property distribution of CFRP filament wound composites COMPOS STRUCT 45 (1) 41−50, 1999 (Philippidis TP, Lekou DJ, Aggelis DG)

37. Fatigue strength prediction under multiaxial stress J COMPOS MATER 33 (17) 1578−1599 1999 (Philippidis TP, Vassilopoulos AP)

38. On the stochastic nature of thermomechanical properties in glass reinforced polyester laminates COMPOS STRUCT 49 (3) 293−301, 2000 (Philippidis TP, Lekou DJ, Kalogiannakis GA)

39. Fatigue design allowables for GRP laminates based on stiffness degradation measurements COMPOS SCI TECHNOL 60 (15) 2819−2828, 2000 (Philippidis TP, Vassilopoulos AP)

40. Acoustic emission monitoring from wind turbine blades undergoing static and fatigue testing INSIGHT 42 (12) 805−808, 2000 (Dutton AG, Blanch M, Vionis P, Kolovos V, Van Delft DRV, Joosse P, Anastassopoulos A, Kouroussis D, Kossivas T, Ter Laak J, Philippidis TP, Kolaxis YJ, Fernando G, Zheng G, Liu T, Proust A)

41. Special issue: Emerging technologies in NDT: Second joint Belgian−Hellenic conference NDT&E INT 34 (4) 229−229, 2001 (Van Hemelrijck D, Anastassopoulos AA, Philippidis TP)

42. Stiffness reduction of composite laminates under combined cyclic stresses ADV COMPOS LETT 10 (3) 113−124, 2001 (Philippidis TP, Vassilopoulos AP)

43. Complex stress state effect on fatigue life of GRP laminates. Part I, Experimental INT J FATIGUE 24 (8) 813−823, 2002 (Philippidis TP, Vassilopoulos AP)

44. Complex stress state effect on fatigue life of GRP laminates. Part II, Theoretical formulation INT J FATIGUE 24 (8) 825−830, 2002 (Philippidis TP, Vassilopoulos AP)

45. Acoustic emission monitoring of small wind turbine blades J SOL ENERG−T ASME 124 (4) 446−454, 2002 (Joosse P, Blanch MJ, Dutton AG, Kouroussis DA, Philippidis TP, Vionis PS)

46. Structural integrity evaluation of wind turbine blades using pattern recognition analysis on acoustic emission data J ACOUS EMIS 20 229−237, 2002 (Anastassopoulos AA, Kouroussis DA, Nikolaidis VN, Proust A, Dutton AG, Blanch MJ, Jones LE, Vionis P, Lekou DJ, Van Delft DRV, Joosse PA, Philippidis TP, Kossivas T, Fernando G)

47. Real−time evaluation of wind turbine blades with acoustic emission monitoring during certification tests NDT.net 7 (9), 2002, http://www.ndt.net/v07n09.htm (Anastassopoulos AA, Kouroussis DA, Dutton AG, Blanch MJ, Vionis P, Lekou DJ, Van Delft DRV, Joosse PA, Proust A, Philippidis TP, Kossivas T, Fernando G)

48. An acousto−ultrasonic approach for the determination of water−to−cement ratio in concrete CEMENT CONCRETE RES 33 (4) 525−538, 2003 (Philippidis TP, Aggelis DG)

49. Fatigue strength of composites under variable plane stress, in Fatigue in Composites, Ed. B. Harris, Ch. 18 504−525, WoodHead Publishing Ltd & CRC Press, 2003 (Philippidis TP, Vassilopoulos AP)

50. Life prediction methodology for GFRP laminates under spectrum loading COMPOS PART A−APPL S 35 (6) 657−666, 2004 (Philippidis TP, Vassilopoulos AP)

51. Ultrasonic wave dispersion and attenuation in fresh mortar NDT&E INT 37 (8) 617−631, 2004 (Aggelis DG, Philippidis TP)

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54. Experimental study of wave dispersion and attenuation in concrete ULTRASONICS 43 (7) 584−595, 2005 (Philippidis TP, Aggelis DG)

55. Enhancing the damping of wind turbine rotor blades: The DAMPBLADE project WIND ENERGY 9 (1−2) 163−177, 2006 (Chaviaropoulos PK, Politis ES, Lekou DJ, Sørensen NN, Hansen MH, Bulder BH, Winkelaar D, Lindenburg C, Saravanos DA, Philippidis TP, Galiotis C, Hansen MOL, Kossivas T)

56. Design of a cruciform specimen for biaxial testing of fibre reinforced composite laminates COMPOS SCI TECHNOL 66 (7−8) 964−975, 2006 (Smits A, Van Hemelrijck D, Philippidis TP, Cardon A)

57. Residual strength after fatigue in composites: Theory vs. experiment INT J FATIGUE 29 (12) 2104−2116, 2007 (Philippidis TP, Passipoularidis VA)

58. Using acoustic emission to assess shear strength degradation in FRP composites due to constant and variable amplitude fatigue loading COMPOS SCI TECHNOL 68 (3−4) 840−847, 2008 (Philippidis TP, Assimakopoulou TT)

59. Mechanical property variability in FRP laminates and its effect on failure prediction COMPOS PART B−ENGNG 39 (7−8) 1247−1256, 2008 (Lekou DJ, Philippidis TP)

60. Strength degradation due to fatigue−induced matrix cracking in FRP composites: An acoustic emission predictive model COMPOS SCI TECHNOL 68 (15−16) 3272−3277, 2008 (Philippidis TP, Assimakopoulou TT)

61. A study of factors affecting life prediction of composites under spectrum loading INT J FATIGUE 31 (3) 408−417, 2009 (Passipoularidis VA, Philippidis TP)

62. Strength degradation due to fatigue in fiber dominated glass/epoxy composites: A statistical approach J COMPOS MATER 43 (9) 997−1013, 2009 (Passipoularidis VA, Philippidis TP)

63. Mechanical behavior of glass/epoxy tubes under combined static loading. Part I: Experimental COMPOS SCI TECHNOL 69 (13) 2241−2247, 2009 (Antoniou AE, Kensche C, Philippidis TP)

64. Mechanical behavior of glass/epoxy tubes under combined static loading. Part II: Validation of FEA progressive damage model COMPOS SCI TECHNOL 69 (13) 2248−2255, 2009 (Antoniou AE, Kensche C, Philippidis TP)

65. PRE– and POST–THIN: A tool for the probabilistic design and analysis of composite rotor blade strength WIND ENER 12 (7) 676–691, 2009 (Lekou DJ, Philippidis TP)

66. A progressive damage FEA model for glass/epoxy shell structures J COMPOS MATER (2009) (accepted for publication) (Philippidis TP, Antoniou AE)

67. Estimation of the uncertainty in measurement of composite material mechanical properties during static sesting STRAIN 47 430-438, 2011 (Lekou DJ, Assimakopoulou TT, Philippidis TP)

68. Failure prediction for a glass/epoxy cruciform specimen under static biaxial loading COMPOS SCI TECHNOL 70 1232−1241, 2010 (Antoniou AE, Van Hemelrijck D, Philippidis TP)

69. Fatigue life prediction in composites using progressive damage modeling under block and spectrum loading INT J FATIGUE 33 132-144, 2011 (Passipoularidis VA, Philippidis TP, Brondsted P)

70. A progressive damage simulation algorithm for GFRP composites under cyclic loading. Part I: Material constitutive model COMPOS SCI TECH 71 742-749, 2011 (Eliopoulos EN, Philippidis TP)

71. A progressive damage simulation algorithm for GFRP composites under cyclic loading. Part II: FE Implementation and model validation COMPOS SCI TECH 71 750-757, 2011 (Eliopoulos EN, Philippidis TP)

72. Materials of large wind turbine blades: Recent results in testing and modeling WIND ENERGY 15 83-97, 2012 (Mishnaevsky L, Brondsted P, Nijssen R, Lekou D, Philippidis TP)

73. A probabilistic  approach for strength and stability evaluation of wind turbine rotor blades in ultimate loading STRUCT SAFETY 40 31-38, 2012 (Bacharoudis KC, Philippidis TP)

74. Structural reliability analysis of a composite rotor blade in ultimate loading ENGNG STRUCTURES (2011) (Submitted for publication) (Bacharoudis KC, Philippidis TP)