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About us

CORE Team, COmposites for Renewable Energies, is a stand−alone research group in the Applied Mechanics Lab (AML), Department of Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics (ME&A), Univ.of Patras (UP). Being in operation since 1980, AML main research area is on materials and structures, with emphasis in composite material applications.

CORE Team was formed in 1990. Since then, and under the leadership of Associate Professor Theodore P. Philippidis, CORE has accumulated experience in technologies related to the design, manufacturing, testing and certification of wind turbine rotor blades. Team members are Mechanical Engineers, active PhD students of the ME&A Department or post−doctoral associates. CORE research theme concentrates on the mechanics and characterization of composite materials. Committed to renewable energies in national and European level, academic excellence expands in the following areas:

  • Anisotropic material properties characterization
  • Structural design, optimization and dynamics of composite wind turbine rotor blades
  • Fatigue failure prediction of multidirectional laminates under combined stress state and variable amplitude loading
  • Probabilistic methods in the design of composite structures
  • Damage propagation and accumulation in laminated structures
  • Fatigue characterization of composite materials using conventional and non−destructive testing
  • Development of numerical tools

CORE is associated with several industries, through consultancies and participation in technical committees. The team has also been involved in numerous private, national or EC−funded R&D projects involving industries and public organizations, aiming at the design and manufacturing of optimal composite rotor blades and their reliable damage assessment.